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Utah Family Institute

Utah Family Institute (UFI) was established in 1997 and has been helping Utah families by providing them with the most up to date, clinically proven treatment modalities available ever since.

Therapy Services

UFI offers a wide range of services provided by experts in their field. We have a number of clinicians with extensive experience in a variety of mental health arenas and offer a number of flexible appointment times. UFI personnel work with clients to ensure they are able to get the treatment or evaluation services they need and accept a number of funding options to ensure clients can access our services. Listed below our some of our specialty treatment options, but our clinicians offer a number of other services as well.

Functional Family Therapy (FFT): We have trained and certified clinicians in FFT. FFT is a family-based intervention that focuses on family interactions, communications and problem-solving, parenting skills and pro-social activities. FFT’s goals include reducing negativity and blame, improving relationships, enhancing family communication, utilizing outside community systems, increasing effecting parenting, and reducing antisocial behavior/delinquency/aggressive or violent acts/substance abuse/substance use within the family.   

Breaking Free: A Treatment for Problematic Pornography Use: Breaking Free is a program developed by Lori Kotter, PsyD. and Drew Smith, L.C.S.W., and is a cognitive-behavioral approach to dealing with problematic pornography use. It can be presented in an individual or group format. Breaking Free typically takes 12 individual or group sessions and involves various homework assignments throughout the treatment program. The treatment approach centers around re-learning and re-teaching clients to strengthen their ability to make decisions that take into account thinking ahead and long term consequences. Breaking Free has a spiritual component and complements other supportive group treatment approaches.

Substance Abuse Treatment: UFI is licensed by the State of Utah to provide outpatient substance abuse treatment for adolescents and adults. We also partner with residential treatment programs to provide inpatient treatment for those who need a higher level of care

Aggression Replacement Training (ART): UFI has therapists that have years of experience facilitating ART groups with male and female adolescents.  ART was developed to be a comprehensive response to address youth whose aggressive behaviors are initiated by increasing anger from the adolescent’s cognitive misperceptions of their interpersonal environment and given power from their emotional arousal.  ART combines a cognitive, behavioral and emotional approach.  ART operates on the assertion that adolescent aggression has multiple causes, both external and internal.  Evidence shows that chronically aggressive youth possess deficiencies including 1) weak or lack of personal, interpersonal, and social-cognitive skills, 2) frequent impulsiveness and overreliance on aggressive means to meet their daily needs and long term-term goals, and 3) respond with a more egocentric, concrete and primitive level of moral reasoning. ART addresses these concerns by implementing 3 coordinated components, Skillstreaming, Anger Management Training, and Moral Reasoning Training.

Parenting Classes: UFI offers 2 parenting classes.  The first class is for parents who have children ages 2 to12, and the second is for parents whose children are ages 13 to 18.  Both parenting classes were developed to help parents in build stronger parent-child relationships, improve communication, increase developmental knowledge, and expand parenting skills to match the age and temperament of their children.  Both of these parenting classes satisfy the state of Utah’s requirements for parents working to reunify with their children. Both parenting classes were developed to help parents build stronger parent-child relationships, improve communication, increase developmental knowledge, and expand parenting skills to match the age and temperament of their children.

Within My Reach: Within My Reach is a skills based treatment program designed to aid participants in creating healthy relationship patterns in their lives. Group members are offered concrete skills that will help them have and maintain more fulfilling relationships within their lives and teach them skills needed to avoid and break unhealthy relationship patterns that have persisted throughout their lives. Group members will also be able to learn additional coping and stress management skills, which will hopefully help them reduce the impact of stressors on their relationships. Groups consist of eight 90 minute weekly treatment sessions. All Within My Reach groups are conducted by a psychologist certified in this treatment program.

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