Parental Fitness/Psychological Evaluation: Consist of a full psychological evaluation combined with parenting measures to assess individual parenting strengths and weaknesses. Recommendations are given to aid the family in moving forward in a healthy manner.

Visitation and Attachment Evaluation: Include parental fitness/psychological evaluations on each parental figure, but add additional observations to assess a child or adolescents comfort in continuing visitation with their parental figure, while also looking at the bond and attachment level between the parental figures and the youth.

Adoption Home Studies: As required by Utah State law and for those desiring to adopt privately,  Pre and Post domestic adoption home studies are conducted to help the court approve families to adopt a child into their family. UFI can assist families in a quick and timely manner to help those desiring to adopt.  Adoption Home Studies are a flat rate of $700.00.

Psychological Evaluation: Conducted with children, adolescents, and adults to assess current levels of social and emotional functioning. Typically used to aid in diagnostic clarification and treatment planning for the individual involved.

Neuropsychological Evaluation: In-depth cognitive assessment that examines a child, adolescent, or adults overall intellectual functioning, learning abilities, and cognitive strengths and weaknesses. Particularly useful if there has been a potential threat to cognitive abilities via traumatic brain injury, in utero exposure to substances, changes due to prolonged drug or alcohol use, or medical issue.

Psychosexual Risk Evaluation: These evaluations are comprised of full psychological evaluation testing measures along with added psychosexual risk assessment protocols to assess and adolescent’s current social, cognitive, emotional, and psychological functioning in relation to their risk of ongoing delinquent and sexual behavior, as well as any potential risk for future sexual acting out or aggressive behaviors.

Sexual Behavior Risk Assessment (SBRA): Briefer form of assessment than the Psychosexual Risk Evaluation. These assessments contain psychosexual risk assessment protocols, combined with screening measures to offer a concise evaluation of sexual behavior risk.

Intellectual Assessment: We offer full intellectual assessments for children (ages 2 ½ and up), adolescents, and adults. Intellectual Assessments are offered at a flat rate of $195.00.

Learning Disorder Assessment: Assessment of a learning disorder requires a full intellectual assessment, combined with additional academic testing. The discrepancy between scores is what determines a learning disorder. Such assessments are offered at a flat rate of $390.00.

Substance Abuse Evaluation: This evaluation includes a detailed substance abuse clinical/diagnostic interview, along with additional interview questions regarding American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) Patient Placement Criteria to determine the best course of treatment for those experiencing substance abuse and addiction. These are offered at a flat rate of $190.00.

Domestic Violence Evaluation: We offer comprehensive domestic violence assessments which include self-report, as well as review of documentation, interview with alleged victim, and psychological testing screening measures examining levels of anger and aggression potential. Examinees are also required to provide the evaluator with a completed background check. These evaluations are completed for a flat rate $350.00.

Mental Health Assessment/Psychiatric Diagnostic Evaluations: These evaluations offer an assessment of a person’s current social, emotional, and psychological functioning and offer diagnosis and recommendations to aid in progress. Screening measures are included to help support the therapist’s assessment of current functioning. Mental Health Assessments (Psychiatric Diagnostic Evaluations) are conducted for a flat rate of $285.00)