Healing Through Relationships

There are many challenges that people encounter and face in day to day life. You don’t have to look very far to see the effects of substance abuse, depression, anxiety, school problems, divorce, emotional distress, etc. has in the lives of our loved ones. The impact of these problems individually has a dramatic affect on those around us.

Treatment that involves working through a relationship perspective has proven to significantly decrease the high levels of distress and the symptoms people experience. It seems natural to think about dealing with hard life challenges by including and incorporating the relationships in our lives.

There are many aspects of relationships that can help improve an individual’s level of functioning. There are several goals when dealing with relationships that have been found to improve our quality of life and functioning. The first goal is to decrease the overall level of negativity and stress within the family. The saying that no man is an island is true! We are all affected by those around us. You may have heard “When mom’s not happy, no one’s happy,” but you may have also experienced when the 3 year old is not happy, no one else is happy either. We are all impacted by those we are close to.

Another goal is not to overwhelm someone by teaching 50 different strategies to handle problems, but rather develop and master a handful of skills that can be generalized to a variety of situations. The trick here is to develop skills that match to the personalized relationships we have. This is not only vital, it’s obtainable! Working with relationships is one of the most effective approaches to improving our lives! UFI therapist have specialized training that incorporate these relational aspects and components in order to help family relationships.

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